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Best deals on buying and selling shares of public BA (table, cards)
Symbol sale buy
tenders shares best price tenders shares best price
auction PayTech   info 132 45869 1.04WMZ  60.00WMR 125 1093387 1.03WMZ  58.05WMR
auction Cashinout.ru   info 21 55 11.73WMZ  690.00WMR 73 402886 11.15WMZ  601.00WMR
auction WM52   info 28 210 3.83WMZ  214.00WMR 107 246201 3.36WMZ  190.00WMR
auction INTERKASSA   info 103 2350 1.03WMZ  61.00WMR 229 1659613 1.01WMZ  56.00WMR
auction 24-obmen   info 471 283830 0.02WMZ  0.97WMR 202 3796750 0.01WMZ  0.95WMR
auction Web Dealer   info 565 479254 0.02WMZ  0.80WMR 124 4165740 0.01WMZ  0.73WMR